Draught Proofing

Our draught proofing services on existing box sash window is a basic first step in improving the overall functionality, energy efficiency and of course, the security. Generally the draught proofing of your all sash windows will be included as part of our sash window restoration and also the sash window refurbishment work. We always believe that the sash window that has refurbished carefully, but not completely draught proofed, is a sash window that has not refurbished at all!​

It is quite fair to say that any draughty sash window can create massive problems with the home comfort and also increased heating bills.

Actually some double glazed sash windows which are not draught proofed efficiently offers no more thermal protection and heat insulation as compared to single glazed sash windows! By eliminating these draughts from your wooden windows, if they are single glazed you can increase the overall performance of your sash windows by up to 75% and also the cost of sash window draught proofing is a best fraction of the cost of replacing the double glazed sash windows.

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